International Collaborations and Disclosure Requirements

USC is engaged in far-reaching, global research and learning programs and recognizes the importance of these international collaborations.  As research and learning programs are becoming ever more global, federal sponsors are placing increased emphasis on the disclosure of foreign affiliations and sources of support.  The resources on this page aim to assist faculty in ensuring relationships with foreign entities comply with federal disclosure requirements.

Quick Guide on Disclosure of Foreign Relationships

Foreign Relationship Reporting Guidance: When and Where to Report

Presentation – International Engagement (Key Considerations)

Memorandum on International Collaborations, Export Controls, and Disclosure Requirements

FAQs on Faculty Foreign Research Relationships

Sponsor Guidance


***New Updates*** Upcoming Changes to Biographical Sketch and Other Support Disclosures (effective January 25, 2022)

***New Updates*** NIH Update to USC Faculty and Staff

***New Updates*** NIH Changes Explained

NIH Requirements on Investigator Disclosures of Foreign Financial Interests

NIH Reminder on Policies Related to Foreign Support and Financial Conflicts of Interest

NIH Definition of Foreign Component


***New Updates *** NSF Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending Support Disclosure Information

***New Updates *** Updated NSF-approved biographical sketch and current and pending support formats required on 10/4/21: NSF biographical sketch and current and pending support

Dear Colleague Letter Regarding Research Protection (July 2019)

NSF FAQs on Current and Pending Support (Effective June 1, 2020)


Memorandum Regarding Actions for the Protection of Intellectual Property, Controlled Information, Key Personnel and Critical Technologies (March 2019)

Memorandum Enlisting University Partnership (October 2019)

Department of Energy

Memorandum Regarding Foreign Talent Recruitment Programs

Government and Association Guidance

US Innovation and Competition Act (formerly Endless Frontiers Act) (May 2021)

Joint Committee on the Research Environment (“JCORE”) Recommended Practices for Strengthening the Security and Integrity of America’s Science and Technology Research Enterprise (January 2021)

National Security Policy (NSPM) 33 (January 2021)

Section 223 of the FY ’21 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)(January 2021)

NSF JASON Report (December 2019)

In the News

Ohio State Professor Jailed for Three Years for Failing to Disclose Chinese Talent Program Participation and Research Affiliations (May 2021)

Fifty-four scientists have lost their jobs as a result of NIH probe into foreign ties (June 2020)

University of Tennessee Researcher Indicted for For Wire Fraud and Making False Statements About Affiliation with Chinese University (February 2020)

Harvard Professor Arrested for Failing to Disclose Participation in Talents Program (January 2020)

DOJ Reaches $5.5 Million Settlement with Van Andel Research Institute for Failure to Disclose Foreign Relationships (December 2019)

NIH Investigates Foreign Influence (October 2019)

University of Kansas Professor Indicted (August 2019)

Emory Fires Two Researchers for Failure to Disclose Foreign Ties (May 2019)

MD Anderson Ousts Three Scientists for Undisclosed Foreign Relationships (April 2019)