Information Security

For general information on your role in maintaining information security, please see the education and policies below:

See USC’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training page for tips and training, Securing the Human.

The Information Security Policy describes information that requires enhanced protections.  NOTE: All potential information security breaches must be reported as soon as possible to ITS’s Office of Information Security at (213) 821-2614.

USC’s Network Infrastructure Use Policy provides specific standards for maintaining the security of the university’s network infrastructure.

USC’s Securing Sensitive Information presentation is a quick refresher on how faculty, staff and students can secure the information they create, receive and otherwise maintain as part of their job responsibilities.

To report an information security incident, please contact the ITS Customer Service Support Center at 213-740-5555 or

Contact the Information Security Office for additional information regarding information security.

Dual Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication provides enhanced account security by requiring a second authentication method in addition to your password.  USC has enabled DUO Two-Factor Authentication on certain systems that contain personal or sensitive information.

See USC Information Technology Services to learn more about the University’s approach to two-factor authentication.

Cloud Computing Guidance
Remote Access Guidance

Encryption Standards

Email Encryption

The university is in the process of testing various email encryption technologies to implement throughout the campus.

For additional information, please contact the ITS Customer Service Support Center at 213-740-5555 or

Laptop and Mobile Device Encryption