Institutional Compliance

Effective compliance management requires strong partnership between the USC Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance and all key leaders in managing USC’s compliance risks.  Given the decentralized nature of our operations, it is critical to develop an approach for bringing together, on a periodic basis, those who are responsible for core compliance risk areas across the university to identify enterprise-wide compliance issues, establish uniform standards to manage and report on those risks and share best practices.

Toward those ends, the University Compliance and Ethics Committee is responsible for providing advice and recommendations in connection with the university compliance program, which include (i) assisting in identifying and prioritizing compliance risk areas, (ii) establishing and implementing a university compliance framework to assess and monitor compliance implementation across functions, as applicable; (ii) reviewing certain education, policies and procedures and (iii) assisting with monitoring and implementing corrective action, as appropriate.

The Committee plays an important role in assuring the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees and senior leadership that core compliance management practices are in place across the University.

University Compliance and Ethics Committee Charter