University Clinical Services

The University of Southern California is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in healthcare, extending across the Keck Medical System and University Clinical Services (UCS).  Our UCS clinical compliance program serves as a strategic framework, ensuring that the extensive array of clinical services—encompassing pharmacy, dentistry, occupational and physical therapy, social work, coaching, counseling, first aid and first responder, emergency medical transport, and community development programs—delivered by UCS faculty, staff, and employees, are thoughtfully guided by principles of integrity and ethical conduct.

The oversight and initiatives of UCS compliance are designed to drive the perpetual delivery of exceptional clinical care.  This steadfast commitment to clinical program excellence is anchored in prioritizing safety and quality, and fostering practices that are collaborative, inclusive, and driven by integrity.  Our evolving UCS compliance program serves as a guide, providing clarity and reinforcing the policies and requirements governing the provision of clinical care services, embodying our dedication to clinical program excellence.  Thank you for your continual support of our compliance mission, values, and commitment to making the right choices.

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