HIPAA Privacy Education Program

At a Glance: Which Training Site Do I Go To?

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I am a…KeckOstrowUSC
Guest (non-USC faculty/staff/student)QualtricsOstrow PortalQualtrics
USC FacultyHealthstreamTrojanLearnTrojanLearn
Postdoctoral ScholarTrojanLearnTrojanLearnTrojanLearn
Resident or FellowHealthstreamOstrow PortalPlease contact OOC to confirm
USC StaffHealthstreamTrojanLearnTrojanLearn
USC StudentTrojanLearnTrojanLearnTrojanLearn
USC Volunteer FacultyQualtricsOstrow PortalQualtrics

Keck Medical Center of USC

Clinical faculty, staff, residents, and fellows

Please access the training on Healthstream.  If you are covered in this category, you will receive an email invitation directly from the Healthstream system.  You will need your user ID and password to access the Healthstream system.  If you are not provided login information, please contact the Help Desk at HelpDesk@med.usc.edu for assistance.

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

All volunteer faculty, volunteer staff, and residents

Please access the training through the Ostrow School of Dentistry portal.  Paid faculty and staff will be directed to TrojanLearn, while volunteer faculty, students, and residents will complete the training within the portal.  Please contact the Ostrow School of Dentistry Office of Human Resources at 213-740-0435 for assistance.

USC Faculty, Staff, and Students

Including Keck School of Medicine & Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

Please access the training on TrojanLearn.  You will need your USC NetID and password, also known as your Shibboleth or enterprise account.  Click here for step-by-step instructions: Accessing USC HIPAA Compliance and You.

If you need a USC NetID account or forgot your password, you will find instructions on the TrojanLearn log-in page. Courses open in a new window, so please allow pop-ups when launching. For TrojanLearn technical support, please contact uschr@usc.edu.

Volunteer Faculty and Guests of USC

Please access the training on Qualtrics. You will not need any special login account to access the training; however, you will need to provide some basic information about who you are and your affiliation with the university. If you have any questions, please email us at compliance@usc.edu.

Once you pass the training, you will receive an email confirmation of your completion. That email acts as your certificate.

NOTE: Users of the platforms above receive a certificate upon completion. To verify a HIPAA certificate of completion or for HIPAA Education inquiries, please email compliance@usc.edu.


Please contact us at compliance@usc.edu