Culture Journey

The USC Culture Journey has begun!  What we are doing as a University, with the help of our 75,000-strong Faculty, Students and Staff, is engaging our entire Trojan family to take the journey with us.  Our goal?  To discuss values and behaviors that support the USC we want to continue to be, and who we want to become.  We are an amazing, vibrant, dynamic institution of 22 Schools, 13 Administrative/Business Units, and Keck Medicine.  Our recent past, with scandals and challenges, gives us the opportunity to become even stronger, more united, better.  That starts with us building on opportunities to support culture change, from the inside-out, ground-level up, through all of USC.

This means a few things: hearing from you via a “Values Poll” (October 2019), having deeper “culture conversations” in early 2020, and continuing to align values to behaviors across USC in 2020 and beyond.

Want to know more?

  • The Cultural Values Poll is coming!  Visit the Commitment to Change website to learn more.
  • Interested in being a “partner for change”?  Want to give us your thoughts?  Email us at  Every month, we’ll give updated information as we progress together on the Culture Journey.

Stay tuned!

USC Cultural Values Poll – Poster