Compliance and Ethics Education

At USC, we are committed to the USC Code of Ethics, which expresses the university’s pledge to upholding the ethical principles that keep our institution strong. Adhering to these principles and guidelines within the context of healthcare requires ongoing education specific to the healthcare industry. In addition, recently passed Healthcare Reform requires all healthcare providers who accept government funds to have a compliance program. An essential component of an effective compliance program is education.

We are pleased to provide a Healthcare Compliance Education program that offers you key insight and information on a broad range of compliance-related topics. Our education program can be found at the link below.

The Healthcare Compliance education can be found on our hospital’s learning information system, Healthstream. Clinical faculty and staff and other healthcare workers are required to complete this program.

Should you need assistance with your user name or password, please contact the helpdesk at or (323) 442-8440

How to Access HealthStream

HealthStream Learning Center delivers online training to employees. User ID is the same as your network or mail user ID. For example, if you login to your PC with “ttrojan” and you are on the ‘MED’ domain, you will login as “MED\ttrojan.

1. HealthStream can be accessed in two different ways:

2. In the dialog box, enter med\ then your user name

  • For example: med\ttrojan

3. Enter your password and click OK
4. Click the My Learning tab to view assigned courses

  • Double-click the course title to start the course

5. Click Catalog to search for a desired course