Research Administrators Forum

The Research Administrators Forum (RAF) provides research administrators from both campuses an opportunity to network and share information related to research administration and compliance, discuss issues and learn about university policies and procedures as well as changes in laws and regulations that may apply to them.

The RAF was established in response to a recommendation from faculty and staff members to give administrators more opportunities to share experiences with peers and to learn about the research administration issues that affect their job responsibilities. The Research Administrators Forum is sponsored by the Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance and meets approximately three times per year.

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend. Please call the Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance at (213) 740-8258 or email to be added to the invitation list.

RAF Presentations – November 14, 2017

Summary of NSF Audit Findings
SPA Review of Charges Near End Dates – Justification Form for Charge(s) Near End Date
Roles and Responsibilities Matrix for Research Administration (update)
Best Practices Guidance – Business Purpose and Travel
Post-Award Administration: Case Studies

 RAF Presentations – December 7, 2016

Ethics at USC – Ethics in Action Hero Recognition
Effort Tracking (Excel Effort Tracking Model)
NSF Audit Update
OnCore Update
Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

RAF Presentations – November 9, 2015

Ethics at USC – Ethics Week
Human Subjects Research Proposed Rule Highlights

RAF Presentations – June 25, 2015

COI Annual Disclosure Update and diSClose System Enhancements
OnCore at USC
Grants Management Education Program Update
New NIH Requirements on Reproducibility of Research Findings

RAF Presentations – March 31, 2015

Environmental Health & Safety and Research at USC
KC S2S Demo
TARA Update
A-81 and Subrecipients

RAF Presentations – November 4, 2014

KC Pre-Award Rollout Update
A-81 Implementation Overview Registration Requirements

RAF Presentations – May 27, 2014

NIH Annual Disclosure/COI
TARA Pre-award Demo Development
A-81 Update
KFS Effort Demo and Implementation

RAF Presentations – December 5, 2013

International Travel Guidance

RAF Presentations – April 3, 2013

OMB Issues Proposed Circular to Replace A-21
Sequestration and Its Impact at USC
“TARA” Update

RAF Presentations – October 10, 2012

HIPAA Privacy and Research
Research Administrator Jeopardy
“TARA” Update

RAF Presentations – June 19, 2012

Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreements
diSClose Demo and Implementation Update
Research Ethics for Administrators: Case Studies

RAF Presentations – April 10, 2012

TARA Update – System Interfaces
Department of Contracts and Grants Reorganization
KFS Purchasing-Accounts Payable Update

RAF Presentations – November 10, 2011

Review and Explanation of Final PHS Conflict of Interest Regulations
University Communications: Research-Related Press Releases & Other Disclosures
Kuali Coeus (KC) Update
Kuali Financial Systems (KFS) Update