For Physicians and Clinical Staff

Billing Compliance Education for Physicians

USC practitioners must complete the online billing education program below with a passing score as a condition to appointment to Keck Doctors of USC, Keck Hospital of USC and/or USC Norris. Supplemental physician education is available on an ongoing basis through individual interaction with your Departmental Compliance Monitor.

Billing Compliance Education

Compliance and Ethics Education for Physicians and Clinical Staff

At USC, we are committed to the USC Code of Ethics, which expresses the university’s pledge to upholding the ethical principles that keep our institution strong. Adhering to these principles and guidelines within the context of healthcare requires ongoing education specific to the healthcare industry. In addition, recently passed Healthcare Reform requires all healthcare providers who accept government funds to have a compliance program. An essential component of an effective compliance program is education.

We are pleased to provide a Healthcare Compliance Education program that offers you key insight and information on a broad range of compliance-related topics. Our education program can be found at the link below.

Compliance and Ethics Education