Troublesome Clauses


There are certain contracting clauses that impose information dissemination and/or personnel restrictions on research projects, and may subject the research to export control regulations.  Under university policy, USC generally does not accept these types of projects.  (See International Collaborations and Export Controls Policy).  Therefore, when publication and/or personnel restrictions apply to a project,  the Principal Investigator must submit a request for exception to the Vice President of Research to allow the project to proceed.  The request must address the following elements:

  • Rationale for why the research should take place at USC
  • Steps that will be taken to ensure that USC will comply with applicable personnel and/or publication restrictions
  • Steps to ensure that students participating in the project, if any, will retain their rights to openly publish their own work; if this is not possible, the PI must provide assurance that no students will participate in the project
  • Assurance that all project personnel (including faculty, staff, and students) have or will agree in writing to the conditions of the award

Please visit the Department of Contracts and Grants website for additional guidance on the request for exception process.

If the project is approved to proceed, compliance with applicable restrictions is required.  The Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance performs periodic monitoring to ensure that PI’s are following applicable restrictions and university measures imposed as contingencies to allow the project to proceed.

If you have additional questions with regard to export controls and troublesome clauses, please contact the Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance.