Reporting Instances of Non-Compliance

Policy Title: Reporting Instances of Non-Compliance
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USC takes all reports of non-compliance seriously and will address them completely and expeditiously. The purpose of voluntary disclosure is to provide a mechanism that allows employees to report any matter that may be unprofessional, unethical, illegal or potentially an issue of non-compliance without fear of retribution. Reports may be made anonymously or with name to the:

USC Report & Response

(213) 740-2500

The Report & Response is the responsibility of, and monitored by, a representative of USC legal counsel and USC Compliance Office. All calls and correspondences are assigned an identification code number at the time of the call or receipt of the letter which can be used when referring new or additional information on the same matter. The caller/author is not required to provide her/his name or any other facts that identify the individual. However, the caller/author is encouraged to provide as much information as possible to assist with the investigation. It is USC ‘s policy that an employee or physician will be subject to disciplinary action if USC reasonably concludes that the report of wrongdoing was knowingly fabricated, distorted, exaggerated or minimized to either injure someone else or to protect herself/himself or others.