USC Office of Compliance

Where Are You Going?

Travel Warnings
Although international travel does not necessarily raise special concerns simply because of the country you are traveling to, the US State Department issues periodic “Travel Warnings” when long-term, protracted conditions make a country dangerous or unstable.  For a list of current Travel Warnings, please visit the State Department’s web-site at
Also, under federal regulations administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC) in the Department of Treasury, the United States imposes economic and trade sanctions against targeted foreign countries and regimes for reasons of national security and foreign policy.  Where it has imposed comprehensive sanctions on a country, all travel is prohibited.  Even if sanctions are limited, travel restrictions are likely to be significant.  Examples of countries subject to OFAC sanctions include North Korean, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Liberia.  Because the list of sanctioned countries is subject to change at any time, please visit the OFAC website at to review the current list of sanctioned countries, and consult with the Office of Compliance if you are uncertain whether OFAC sanctions apply to the country to which you plan to travel.
Consular Information Sheets
In addition to Travel Warnings, the State Department issues consular information sheets for every country in the world, which include the location of the US Embassy in that country, health, crime and security information (including road and transportation safety), currency information, entry regulations, and more.  You should always download the consular information sheet for the country to which you are traveling, regardless of destination.  To obtain a current consular information sheet, please visit
"STEP" Program
You should also enroll in the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program ("STEP").  This will place you on a consular list serve that provides time-sensitive updates from the local U.S. embassy in the country to which you are traveling.  For additional guidance, please visit
CDC Guidance
In addition, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains a "Traveler's Health" website ( that issues travel notices to inform travelers about current health issues related to specific destinations, and a "disease directory" regarding specific diseases, travel notices, and vaccination information.
Finally, the State Department provides general health and safety guidance for international travelers, addressing issues such as vaccinations, travelling with disabilities, help for victims of crimes, road safety, and emergency information.  Please visit for additional detail.