USC Office of Compliance

Statement of Integrity

The employees and providers of USC who deliver healthcare services have diligently worked to build our reputation for integrity and high standards of clinical, business and professional conduct. As such, each of us must:

  • Make a personal commitment to obey all laws and regulations governing our healthcare services
  • Be honest, fair and trustworthy in all our USC healthcare activities and relationships
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest between our work and personal affairs, and comply with applicable university policies
  • Sustain a culture where ethical conduct is recognized, respected and promoted by all of our employees

If you have concerns regarding what is professional and ethical conduct for you or any fellow employee or physician, promptly raise this concern to your supervisor or call the Office of Compliance at (213) 740-8258 or our Helpline at (213) 740-2500.

We are privileged to work for a great and respected institution. Our ability to maintain our exemplary standing in the community and healthcare industry depends upon the actions each one of us takes. We must, each day and with each action, preserve and strengthen our commitment to total, unyielding integrity.