USC Office of Compliance

Research Compliance Committee

In recent years, the regulatory burdens associated with the conduct of sponsored research have grown significantly, making it increasingly important to coordinate research compliance efforts where possible to ensure that USC continues to act as a responsible steward of federal and private research support. Key stakeholders involved with research compliance participate in a Research Compliance Committee, which meets quarterly. Daniel Shapiro, from the Office of Compliance, chairs the committee.

The charge of this committee is to:

  • Identify and prioritize research compliance risks at USC
  • As appropriate, recommend and/or implement solutions to address potential or actual research risks.
  • Develop tools and other resources to assist the research community in learning and complying with the rules and principles related to the conduct and administration of research
  • Advise on processes/systems to monitor research compliance on an ongoing basis, nationally and within USC
  • Continue to improve coordination between administrative units charged with research compliance-related responsibilities

Research Compliance Committee members include:

  • Associate Director, Industrial Hygiene/Lab Safety
  • Executive Director, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Financial Analyst II, Financial Analysis
  • GCRC Program Director; Associate Dean for Clinical Research, Keck School of Medicine
  • Director, University Park Institutional Review Board
  • Assistant Vice President, Business Services - Procurement
  • President/CEO, Health Research Association, Inc.
  • Director, Contracts and Grants (Centralized)
  • Executive Director, Contracts & Grants
  • Senior Director, Financial Services, Sponsored Projects Accounting
  • Director of Research Administration, Viterbi Business Affairs
  • Executive Director, Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS)
  • Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, College Dean's Office
  • Director of Research Administration, KSOM Research Advancement
  • Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Analysis
  • Associate Director for Administration, KSOM Cancer Center - Administration
  • Senior Business Officer, Centers for Creative Technologies
  • Associate Senior Vice President, Office of Compliance
  • Director of Research Administration, College Dean's Office
  • Director, Clinical Investigations Support Office, Keck School of Medicine
  • Research Administration Compliance Manager, Office of Compliance
  • Research Professor, Biomedical Sciences; IACUC chair
  • Assistant Vice President, Healthcare Compliance
  • Vice President, Office of Research
  • Healthcare Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
  • Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP