USC Office of Compliance

Overseas Shipments

All overseas shipments constitute exports that are subject to the EAR or ITAR, and may require specific government authorization before hardware, software, or related technical data may be exported.  A “shipment” in this context includes both sending an item abroad using a freight forwarder such as FedEx or DHL, as well as personally taking an item with you on an overseas trip.
These rules apply in the research context even if the research is considered “fundamental”, because the fundamental research exclusion only protects the ability to freely share the results of research in publications and presentations.  The exclusion does not include shipments of materials, items, technology, or software generated in the course of fundamental research.
The export regulations are complex and often difficult to interpret.  All USC employees who intend to travel internationally should follow this guidance and also download and complete the International Travel Checklist found at the International Travel link.  If you intend to ship an item overseas, consult with the Office of Compliance before doing so.