USC Office of Compliance

Our Services


The Healthcare Compliance Program is an important resource in helping you implement and adhere to the broad range of policies and procedures related to the provision of healthcare services.


The program supports USC healthcare providers in:

  • Making business decisions that adhere to USC policies and avoiding unsuitable transactions
  • Avoiding inaccurate payments or reimbursement and other transactions
  • Identifying areas of possible concern that might affect USC's reputation or participation in government programs


Facilitating your efforts to achieve compliance is our top priority.


Our services include:

  • Offering education for providers to assist with high risk areas in health care, accurate coding and documentation, and other compliance-related policies and procedures
  • Working with our USC providers to develop new policy guidance, as we identify emerging areas of risk relevant to healthcare professionals
  • Partnering with departments to conduct monitoring related to healthcare services
  • A compliance committee that has representation from all clinical providers and is an important forum for education and policy development
  • Providing faculty and staff an opportunity to report concerns confidentially, and then investigating as appropriate


Specific areas of expertise include, among others:

  • Proper coding, billing and documentation for healthcare providers and the hospitals
  • Clinical trials research billing
  • Healthcare Providers' relationships with vendors (such as pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers)
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security